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We recently got  black male born October 4th from Drake and Remi, and he is fabulous!! He's learning so quickly, he's super smart, and very healthy.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!!!
Eichhorn Kennels
We bought Star (a Drake & Dash pup) from Eichhorn Kennels a little over a year ago as a family dog and can not be more pleased. We have owned 2 other AKC labs and by far Star has been the most intelligent and easy to train.  She is a beautiful dog too! A wonderful dog from a great breeder.  I would recommend the Eichhorn's to anyone looking for a quality lab.
Eichhorn Kennels
Just wanted to give you an update on one of your (Drake & Autumn) puppies from a litter 10/01/2018. This is "Derby" at one year! She is loving life on the western slope in Ridgeway! A beautiful and kind girl, currently weighing in at 69 pounds. She loves life with us and all of her four-legged furry friends here! She is smart, athletic, and a great addition to our family. She is quite the retriever and hunter! I just wanted to thank you again for working with me so remotely while I was in Hawaii.  My husband is very happy with his Christmas present from last year.
Eichhorn Kennels
I purchased a female lab from the Bullet and Magnum litter last August.  Her name is Henriette after my grandmother.

She is the most loyal and beautiful companion.  Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs. We recently moved to Carbondale, CO and she is living her best life. The move has been the best decision. The mountains are the best place for her.  She loves to go skiing and lots of running always with incredible enthusiasm. Hope all is well.  I look forward to getting another puppy from you in a few years.

Thanks again!
Eichhorn Kennels
I had just lost my 13 year old lab and after 2 weeks decided it was too quiet. I really wasn't sure where to start to get a puppy (my first). Jim returned my call the same day I called him and the next weekend I drove to their kennel to meet the sire and dam of my pup (Drake and Dash).

When it was time to pick my pup from the litter, they were all so cute.  The first one I picked up followed me around after I put her down, so I guess she picked me.

Her call name is Lappy. She was named after one of the toughest professional hockey players I know and believe it or not, she has his personality; tough and strong but sweet and kind. She was fearless - she crossed a small agility teeter-totter at just nine weeks. We entered her first NADD and got her Junior title. She tried Barn Hunt and received her RATI title in the same weekend.

She is an amazing athlete with strong drive, but she is also a snuggler. It doesn't take long for her to inch into your lap when you are watching TV.

Jim and Debbie were great to work with. They patiently answered all my "rookie" puppy questions before, during and after my purchase. I would absolutely get a puppy from them again. Every so often I send them updates so they know what Lappy is up to.

I am not sure I have thanked them for my great dog - THANK YOU.
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi, this is Todd from California. I bought the first female (a Magnum & Bullet pup) from Bullet. Her name is Ellie. She's 3 months old now and doing Great! She's making multiple retrieves on the bumper and blind retrieves on my command. I've had other Labs before but I can tell she has a heck of a nose and will have no trouble finding the birds. She's lovable and has all the qualities I was looking for.  Thank you.
Eichhorn Kennels
As a Master Trainer who has trained and judged countless patrol/detection police dogs as well as family pets (too many labs to count), I can honestly say that Jim and Debbie Eichhorn are "doing it right". Their knowledge of breeding, love of labs, and the attention to the buyers/families desires make for a positive experience.

"Beauty" (a Magnum & Sunny pup), as she was named by an 8 yr old girl in California who unfortunately has fatal anaphylactic nut allergies, was selected at 6 months of age from Eichhorn Kennels. I needed a dog who possessed several qualities to include confidence, drive, intelligence, and physical soundness.  These would  be put to use as an allergy detection dog who would alert for peanut, almond, hazelnut, walnut and pistachio odors.

Jim and Debbie were extremely accommodating and presented me with numerous puppies who fit the bill.  Their breeding produces a great combination of drive and trainability.

Beauty was easy to work from the beginning.  She was eager to please and quick to learn.  I was impressed with her drive and for those looking to hunt with a lab - visit Eichhorn.  I had Beauty working/hunting/finding odor in 5 minutes. In addition, she had the confidence needed to work through daily environmental challenges.

Though she will continue to train for the rest of her life, she was "finished" and delivered at the age of 1 year old. To have a detection dog alerting on 5 odors in tough real world conditions at such a young age is a testament to the quality dogs at Eichhorn Kennels.  Additionally, she was working/training and successfully alerting in the hands of a complete stranger less than 24 hours after a huge move into a brand new home across the country.  "Stay" commands were obeyed in front of a stranger at Home Depot the entire length of an isle. She did all this eagerly and with a wagging tail.

If you're looking for a quality lab to fill any role, I suggest you schedule a visit to the impressive facilities at Eichhorn Kennels.

For the love of dogs

Eichhorn Kennels
I have another update on Titus (a Timber & Macy pup).  He is doing awesome with his training and loves fetching. His personality is awesome. He is the best puppy I have had.  Does not chew on anything important and listens pretty well!! He made a great addition to our family.  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.
Eichhorn Kennels
Liz and I just thought we would send along a pic of Kiska (a Timber & Rigby pup).  She is a fantastic puppy and one of the smartest we have raised over the last 40 years.  We have a couple of bird hunting friends that would steal her in a New York minute!  Just being around her they can tell she was bred to hunt birds.  She already stands as still as a statue and points when the birds or rabbits are out.  We take her to work every day so she gets a lot of interaction and training.  Thanks again and have a great evening!
Eichhorn Kennels
My dog Sadie (a Willow and Magnum pup) is one of the smartest dogs I've ever owned. She is extremely healthy at 1 years old and has no medical problems.  She is full of energy and loves to retrieve.  Sadie trained for bird hunting and it was so natural to her that it required very little training.  She is obedient and calm when needed. Jim and Debbie have an excellent kennel and couldn't be more happy to get a second dog from them!  Thanks.
Eichhorn Kennels
Dear Jim and Deb: I bought 2 male lab pups (Bob & Pink pups) from you two years ago, they both turned out to be fantastic.  I'm very pleased. I have recommended other people to your kennel.  You may remember me and Deb, I had a great visit with the two of you. Enclosed are pictures of your dogs at 2 years old.  The one with the green collar is Blackjack and the orange collar is Harley.  They are a great addition to our family. Blackjack is a lover and a watch dog. Harley is a lover and watchdog when Blackjack needs his help.  Thank you.
Eichhorn Kennels
I bought my Lab Jeter (a Bob & Ruger pup) from you guys about 3 1/2 years ago and wanted to send pictures. He is the most amazing dog and has grown into quite the hunter. Thanks!
Eichhorn Kennels
I wanted to thank you for breeding such outstanding Labradors, Lucas (a Bob & Ruger pup) is amazing.   He is extremely healthy, smart, agile, friendly, well behaved, etc. He is a star in our home, and our elder lab has aged in the reverse thanks to his influence and playfulness.  Lucas is the best pup - every time people meet him they can't believe how calm he is and how well he listens. Labs are quick learners, but this little guy is months ahead of other Labrador pups we've adopted and raised.
Eichhorn Kennels
My black Lab Gunner (a Magnum & Sunny pup) is 1.5 years old and I couldn't be happier with my breeder selection. Basic obedience was a breeze and he's been so receptive to training I've literally run out of things to teach him. From closing doors, playing dead, sitting on shore patiently while I fly fish, to taking casting signals in the field, this dog's intelligence really impresses everyone he meets. He is great with other animals, has never showed any signs of aggression, and is even great with little kids! Hands down he is the family dog/sportsman dog I had always dreamed of having.  I will be back in a few years to get him a younger brother!  Thank you!
Eichhorn Kennels
My name is Sgt Pepper.  About me: I am a Male Labrador Retriever (a Magnum & Remi pup). My birthday is August 11, 2017.  I am very sweet and playful.  I am excited to announce that I am on my way to becoming a service dog for one of our American heroes! There are over 50 basic and advanced behaviors I need to learn while I'm in the Patriot PAWS Service Dogs program.  I will be starting with the basics such as sit, down and walking on leash.  I am so excited to begin my journey and I will keep you updated along the way.  Thanks for your support.  Without you I wouldn't have such a meaningful job! I mean, I could've just been a "pet dog".  No offense to them but I've heard about those pets and some of them can be crazy! I guess not all dogs can be super heroes like myself and friends at Patriot PAWS.
Eichhorn Kennels
We are so pleased with our pup Bella (a Magnum & Callie pup). She is 7 months old. She is smart, trains so easily, never destructive.  She is loving yet so athletic.  We will definitely be repeat customers. Thank You!
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi there Debbie and Jim! First of all we wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our Maggie Mae during our last outing. Your kennels are so very nice and it's such a peaceful beautiful area.  However, most importantly, we wanted to say thank you for our Maggie; she is truly a wonderful loving dog.  She is from the Magnum/Nickie litter born 11/03/2015.  We bonded with her immediately, and she with us! She slept through the first night we brought her home and has ever since.  She is such a positive addition to our family (the two of us) and she especially loves our grandchildren!  Thanks again!
Eichhorn Kennels
Jim & Debbie, Parker (a Bob & Willow pup) is still trying to get used to the D.C. heat and humidity, but she's adapting pretty well.  I wanted to send a picture we took to mark her 3rd birthday, yesterday, and let you know we are incredibly happy we opted to go to Eichhorn Kennels for our pup! She's a wonderful dog in all regards.  We hope all is well back in Colorado.
Eichhorn Kennels
I am finally getting around to sending you an update about our puppy Maximus (a Magnum & Pearl pup) that we picked up from you on 07/30/2016.  He was the only yellow lab in pretty much a completely black litter so he was already pretty special! He is very smart, adorable and very loving.  We have gone through two training classes with him and he is doing extremely well with it.  We just love this little (more like big 55 lbs.) guy.  Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our home.
Eichhorn Kennels
I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you e-mail.  I got a black male from Sunny and Magnum's litter that was born on 12/20/2015.  It's been almost a year since I picked him up.  I named him Remi and he has been an absolutely impressive dog in his first year.  I started training with him almost immediately and his drive and intelligence has been as good as it gets.  By the time he was 8 months old he was fully ready to hunt both waterfowl and upland birds.  We have been able to get a lot of bird hunting in this first year; started him out with grouse in September, and have also hunted almost every weekend that duck season has been open. We even got to spend a week in December hunting quail down in Arizona.  Even more impressive than his hunting ability and drive has been his temperament.  He has been exposed to the whole spectrum from new born babies, to kids, to elderly and has handled himself great.  He is an absolute joy to have around.  Anyways, just wanted to thank you for what you are doing and I hope you continue it for the foreseeable future.
Eichhorn Kennels
Now that Opie (a Callie & Magnum pup) is 4 months old, I am starting to think about training.  Opie is already 35 lbs. and the Vet says he is "perfect".  He already has more personality than any dog I have ever owned.
Eichhorn Kennels
Just wanted to write in to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs. Our dog Nico (a Callie & Magnum pup), has proven to be an amazing smart and loving companion.  She is a natural learner and incredibly enthusiastic and disciplined so far.  She is doing great with her training.  She even gives high-fives! What absolutely astounded me is her apparently natural love of mountain biking and trails. Never in my life have I felt such a close connection with a dog, and I have had some truly amazing dogs. We are already having so much fun together and she's only 4 months old. She is the sweetest thing ever.  Thank you again!
Eichhorn Kennels
We can't tell you enough how much love and joy Oakley (a Bob & Pearl pup) has brought into our lives since we picked her up from you on January 2nd of this year. She is an absolute sweetheart, so calm, gentle, peaceful and comforting.  She is attentive and eager to please so she learns extremely quickly.  She is incredibly patient, trusting and understanding.  She hardly ever barks -- only to alert us that someone is at the door or approaching the house.  She loves to be in the same room with us, play tug of war, swim, going with us on hikes, long walks and runs.  What a wonderful companion she is.  We cannot imagine life without her.
Eichhorn Kennels
I got one of Magnum and Ruger's female puppies in June.  I just wanted to send you a picture of Finley, who is a healthy, almost 25lbs ball of love.  We just experienced a little bit of Hurricane Matthew and she was thrilled by the amount of mud in the yard. She passed her evaluation and starts service dog training next week!! I hope you and the dogs are doing great. Thank you so much for providing me with this beautiful pup.
Eichhorn Kennels
The puppy we purchased from you, named Duke, is absolutely amazing. His disposition is wonderful and he's very mellow.  People constantly ask about him at soccer and lacrosse games.  I'm happy to refer you (Eichhorn Kennels) anytime anybody asks.
Eichhorn Kennels
As Duke (a Magnum & Candee pup) turned 1 year old I wanted to touch base and let you know he is doing very well. He weighs about 83 lbs. and is in good health.  I have been training him to be a Hearing Assistance/Service Dog since he was 8 weeks old and he is doing well at that also.  Duke loves the ranch up here in Silverthorne and gets along so great with our other dog and those he meets.
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi Debbie, thinking of you today on Izzy's (a Magnum & Ruby pup) first birthday. We have had labs for 35 years and she is fast becoming one of our smartest. She learned how to open doors several months ago. She can even open the front door and let herself out. She may have been an incredible service dog. She is an excellent traveler and has visited 15 states, and just returned from a six week Florida vacation at the beach. This week she will start training with chuckers. We love her to pieces. She was last pick.  I can't imagine how she could be any less than her littermates.
Eichhorn Kennels
Greetings from Boulder.  Quinn (a Bob & Randi pup) is adjusting well in her new home.  We are working on basic puppy obedience skills where she continues to impress and amaze. She's smart, quick to pick up new commands, has a mild and loving temperament and she's more than willing to please.  She's taken well to her crate both inside and a nice new canvas crate for the car.  She's completely potty trained too! She loves car rides and waits quietly while I grocery shop etc. Thanks so much for another great Labrador Retriever!
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi Debbie & Jim, I hope all is well in the puppy world......Our Lab, Duke (a Magnum & Skeet pup) is doing amazingly well.  He is such a good dog and easy to train. Thanks.
Eichhorn Kennels
Attached please find a photo of Eichhorn's Raven Sunset (a Bob & Bullet pup) on her first birthday.  She has become one awesome hunting dog!
Eichhorn Kennels
Jim & Debbie, Looking forward to seeing you guys again for our next pup.  Rosie has been such a great dog and we thank you for the excellent pedigree.  That's why, whenever we hear of someone looking for a Lab pup, we recommend Eichhorn Kennels.  Thanks.
Eichhorn Kennels
Jim and Debbie, We have boarded our dogs at Eichhorn Kennels for about 10 years, and we have been very satisfied with the quality of the kennels and the care they receive.  The kennels are clean and we know that they are being well cared for.  Thanks.
Eichhorn Kennels
Dear Jim and Debbie,  We got a yellow male from Remi and Magnum's litter born on March 27th! We named him Griffey and he is the perfect puppy! He loves people and always wants to please, he loves to fetch, go on walks, and swim in his pool. He is very smart and learning new things all the time. We are so thankful we got him from you! He is just a few days over four months and about 35 pounds. The vet said he is healthy and is going to be a big dog. I have attached some pictures of him for you to see. Thank you again! We adore Griffey!
Eichhorn Kennels
Jim,  Just want to let you know that Tikka (a Magnum & Bullet pup) took 2nd in the Pikes Peak Retriever Club 2015 AKC Field Trial Derby last weekend.  Dan's dog from the same litter received a JAM.  Also, FYI they were 2 of the youngest dogs in the 25 dog derby.  Tikka is a great dog to own and a pleasure to train and run.  07/29/2015 update: Tikka ran another good trial last weekend.  She received a reserve JAM in the Colorado Women's Retriever Club 2015 AKC Field Trial Derby.  08/26/2015 update: Tikka's litter mate "Ayla" won the Cheyenne Retriever Club 2015 Fall AKC Field Trial Derby. 09/28/2015 update: Ayla wins the 2015 AKC West Nebraska Retriever Club Fall Trial Derby.  In addition, she received a JAM in the Qualifying.
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi guys, I just wanted to send you a quick note about one of Magnum Force’s and Liken Lucy’s pups whelped on Sept 14th 2013. He was one of the last ones left out of the litter. I named him Timber and I knew he had something special when I first held him and got him home. Right now we are pursuing our Master National Title in October of this year. If he makes it to SC this year he will only be 25 months old. He definitely has what it takes, the drive, the focus, the intensity and the trainability. I have never had a hunting buddy that was more excited to go duck hunting than I was so I feel he is giving me a run for my money. Just wanted to let you know how one of your pups is doing. If it doesn’t happen this year (it will only be because of my schedule and not being able to get him the MH qualifiers) then 2016 is a lock! I think I actually have more fun watching him work than actually shooting the birds. 10/07/2015 update: Timber earned his MH title at 2 years of age.  He only needs 2 more passes to qualify for next year's Master National.
Eichhorn Kennels
Jim, Just a quick note to let you know that Sally (a Magnum & Sunny pup) is doing exceedingly well. Not only is she a pleasure to have around the house but she is quickly becoming the best bird dog I’ve ever had. At 11-months she is quartering like a pro, she heels on command, and last weekend she executed several blind retrieves flawlessly. She’s quickly picking-up casting and marking multiple birds at the same time. The most important qualities that must be inherited – her temperament, nose, and drive – are just outstanding. I couldn’t be happier, thank you.
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi there, My husband and I purchased Willow, on November 30th (a Bob and Pearl pup). We named her Eichhorns Jet Black Willow. She is wonderful. She is a little spit fire and keeps up with all the adult dogs. Bo is teaching her the ropes and all the tricks! She loves to swim. She's mastering lots of tricks with no problem! Potty training was a breeze. She is beautiful and we can't thank you enough for the great dogs you raise. Thank you. 08/17/2015 update: I wanted to give you an update on our devilishly beautiful little girl. She is a "regular" at Kiowa Creek Sporting and Hunting Club.  She is just learning the bird dog life....and she is GOOD. We still have some small things to work on, but we couldn't be happier. Thanks for all wonderful breeding and babies!
Eichhorn Kennels
Just wanted to thank you again and give you an update on Ava. She is almost 6 months old and we have been having a great waterfowl season up in my neck of the woods. She is progressing in her skills every day and is fully marking and retrieving 10lb geese out of her mud hut. It is great to see all of our time and effort in training come full circle. This dog has no fear and takes on wounded fowl every chance she gets. It amazes me how much natural instinct she has from your bloodlines. I will never buy a lab from any other breeder, you have a world class operation down there. Thanks again.
Eichhorn Kennels
I was just browsing through to make sure you guys were still breeding wonderful dogs! I have a yellow lab from you – he’s out of Lucky. I purchased him back in August of 2010. I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely adore this dog and couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is my best friend, my confidant, my snuggle buddy, my running partner, my right hand, and everything to me. I feel so grateful for him every single day. I am so happy to see you guys are still breeding because I don’t think there’s a better lab out there! One of these days I’ll get in touch with you for a rambunctious male black field lab. I have plans to name him “Angus.” Thank you for breeding such perfect pups!
Eichhorn Kennels
Hey Jim and Debbie, proud of my new pup. At 10 weeks old she's on the right track. Feel free to post on the website if you want.
Click here to see a video of her on YouTube
Eichhorn Kennels

Remington is a 2 year old super star! We've put a significant dent in Colorado's dove population and plan to do the same with ducks, geese and pheasants. He's such a versatile, motivated and eager to please Lab. We couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Eichhorn Kennels
Joyce and I want to thank you for a great puppy we got from you in June. Jenny is 13 weeks old now and a joy to be around. She is showing great progress in obedience training and I have just started her retrieving. She loves the water and really wants to get after the geese on our pond. I spend a lot of time with her and it is showing. She is really growing fast. When we got her she weighed 16# and now is at 28#. Very enthusiastic and it looks like she will be an exceptional dog. I have trained a lot of bird dogs and she shows more intelligence and drive than any I have had before. Thanks again,
Eichhorn Kennels
Puppy's is named Puck: for Puck's love of ice & snow from my husband, the main character from a Mid Summer's Night Dream from me, & 1 syllable word for our daughter. Everyone is doing great and learning to work together! Puck's intelligence makes him a quick study who is easily trained and his personality encourages him work well in our family. Thank you for the gift of a beautiful, intelligent, lovable 5 month old, lab puppy to join our family. Puck is all that I hoped for and more that expected.

Again thank you for our Puck his is making our family whole again after the loss of our beloved Thundering 'Kodi' Kodiak. Puck will hopefully be receiving his AKC name soon.
Eichhorn Kennels
I just wanted to drop you a quick note. We got Summit 18 months ago from you guys. She is the most amazing dog. She is gentle, smart and such a wonderful dog. I just wanted you to know how happy we are with her.
Eichhorn Kennels
We have been wanting to write you to let you know how pleased we are with Gabe. He is a wonderful puppy! At 11 weeks he is crate trained, walks on a leash, already knows his name and several commands (stay and down are hard but he learns fast!). We have been pleasantly surprised at how well he made the transition into our home. He is great around other dogs and wonderful with people, especially children. He loves to cuddle and is sitting in my lap while I write this message. We think that the early care you provided is to thank for his wonderful personality. He has reminded us to have fun every day. So thank you!
Eichhorn Kennels
Bailey is such a great addition to my family. He is very intelligent and just as goofy as he is intelligent. I love him like I have had him forever. He has been such an enjoyment. He is sooo cute and smart. You have a nice bloodline going there. Thanks again.
Eichhorn Kennels
My dad and I recently did a photo shoot to give pictures to the rest of my family for Christmas. The photographer got the attached shot of Taz, which really captures not only his personality and spirit, but his excellent genes. Thanks again for bringing him into my life. He’s my best friend.
Eichhorn Kennels
Hi, Farfel is 6 months and over 50lbs! He is really great and we could not be happier. He is an energetic loving dog. He is a fetching machine. He is extremely smart. He was trying to pick up his ball and Frisbee at the same time, he stopped looked at it a moment, flipped the Frisbee over, placed the ball in it and carried them both to me 🙂 Thanks.
Eichhorn Kennels
We bought Brooks from you guys back in 2012 from the Feb. litter from Brutis and Willow. He’s certainly come a long way in his training, so I took him to Canada for a week to waterfowl hunt. The following is a picture of his first duck. I know you guys put a lot of these pictures on your board there in the office. Thanks again.
Eichhorn Kennels
I am not sure if Carol has had time / chance to give you an update on the pup we picked up a week ago today. She is settling in quite well and is very inquisitive and really watches Fenway and her every move. She is growing like a weed and loves everyone she meets when out in the front of the house watching people walking by. She is learning commands such as sit, drop, down, etc. So far all is going as good as or even better than we thought possible. Thanks for everything you did in getting this pup ready to go out into the world.
Eichhorn Kennels
I just wanted to thank you for the assistance you provided us in purchasing a pup two weeks ago.  Eichhorns Jacob Duchworthy the first, aka Jake (a Lucky & Ruby pup) did amazing well on the trip down to Albuquerque.  He slept most of the way and had no "accidents" in the car.  In fact, he has gone two weeks with no accidents in his kennel at night.  We've never had a dog do that before! Jake has been to the Vet twice.  Once for a well puppy check and the second for shots.  Vet says he is a well adjusted, happy pup.  Training is going fairly well. Jake already knows "sit" and is working on "come" and "stay".  Housebreaking is coming along well as well.  He is now starting for the front door when he needs to go out.  We are now two days accident free.  Never had a pup learn so quickly.  Thanks again for all your help and we will be sure to recommend you to our friends.

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