Eichhorn’s Purchase Policy

Puppy buyers receive “pick of the litter” based on their preference in the order in which their deposit is received. The buyer must indicate their color and gender preferences on our Purchase Contract which must be provided to us along with the deposit.  AKC recognizes only three colors in Labs and so do we (Black, Chocolate & Yellow). People may sign up to receive our news letter where they will be notified when puppies are born, however; the buyer will not be placed on the “pick list” until the Purchase Contract and deposit is received.

We help fit puppies with buyers and will be happy to choose a puppy for you if you are unable to do so based on your preferences, for instance;
>> Q: Are you looking for a puppy to use for hunting and/or a family dog?
>> Q: Do you like an active or mellow puppy?
>> Q: Do you like a big, medium or small size dog?

In factoring size, an adult male Lab typically weighs between 60-80 lbs. and an adult female Lab between 55-75 lbs.

Preferences are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to choose the puppy that fits your criteria. See our Purchase Contract for information on our guarantees, refunds and payment policies.